Ways Hosting Affects Your Website’s SEO Ranking

When building your online business, you want your website to rank higher in SERPs. You have probably done everything you think is required, like keyword research, creating quality content, and article marketing. However, your efforts do not seem to pay off. The truth is that your hosting might be affecting your rankings. Therefore, there is a need to find the perfect SEO hosting company. That is the case when you have many websites. These are ways web hosting affects search engine optimization.


web hosting packageThe truth is that serer uptime is quite important when it comes to finding a web host company. There is a need to choose a company that provides excellent uptime. When the website experiences downtime, your rankings are likely to be affected. Look for a company that can guarantee 99.9% uptime. That is necessary to ensure your website is online all the time. Never settle for a hosting service that cannot guarantee uptime. Websites with extended downtime can be considered unreliable and hence drop in SERPs.

Site Security

The security of your website is critical when it comes to SEO rankings. Therefore, you need a hosting company that provides the required security features. As far as security is concerned, you should never take chances. Look for hosting packages with firewalls and anti-DDOS security systems. In this way, you can be guaranteed real-time protection for your website. Also, you ought to ensure your site has an SSL certificate.


This is another important thing you should consider when choosing your SEO hosting company. Remember that the website’s speed is quite important as it allows visitors to access the content and even share it. When the site loads slowly, it is likely to result in a higher bounce rate, which in turn affects your SEO rankings.


web hostingAs you know, backup is quite important in ensuring you do not lose data. You should note that data loss can negatively affect your rankings. As you know, creating your website again is likely to boost the rankings. Ensure you choose a company that provides reliable backup solutions.

Whenever you think about SEO for the site, the above are some of the things to guide you choose the right hosting for your website. Also, remember to consider things such as the price and reputation of the hosting provider. Ensure you read reviews about the SEO hosting company. In this way, you can gain insights into what you are buying.…