Quick Getting Started

Atlas 2 for Maple

System Requirements

  • - Cross-platform: Linux, Mac OS X, Windows.
  • - Maple 11 or higher
  • - 15 MB free disk space

Install Atlas Tool


- Go to your DigiArea account and download Atlas 2 for Maple. Please review the system requirements carefully.
- Unzip the downloaded archive into the directory of your choice.


- Copy the Atlas.hdb, Atlas.mla and Atlas.help files from the ~\atlas2\lib folder, and place them inside the lib folder of your Maple installation.
- To find the location of the lib directory, run the libname; command in Maple.
You will get a set of strings separated by commas. The first string is the path to your lib folder. For example, on Windows with Maple 18, it would be C:\Program Files\Maple 18\lib

Start to work

- Start Maple.
- To see the list of all available commands provided by Atlas, use the with(atlas); command.
- To open an embedded documentation delivered with Atlas, use the ?atlas command.
- To run AtlasWizard, open AtlasWizard.maplet file located under the wizard directory and evaluate it.