What is DG Library?

Differential Geometry Library is a free-content, web service of objects for differential geometry and its applications.

All available data of the objects can be copied in different formats such as MathML for web-based articles, TeX for education or research works and Mathematica® and Maple™ input for calculations.

DG Library is not a knowledge base. We do not collect descriptive information about the objects. We focus on science, research and calculations, not on history. Each object in DG Library is represented by short text definition and its differential geometry entities such as mapping, frame, coframe etc.

Our goal is build a single source for differential geometry and related topics that can be used by everyone for calculations, research and education in these areas.

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DG Library FAQ

Is DG Library free to use?

Yes, access to the library from the web is free for all kind of use.

Who uses DG Library?

DG Library can be useful for undergraduate and postgraduate students, teachers, researchers and everyone, who is interested in differential geometry and its applications.

How can I copy formulas out of DG Library?

Just click one of the buttons in the top left corner of the every part of "Object definitions" box. Each button opens the window with copyable formula in corresponding format.

What does DG Library have?

Differential Geometry Library includes hundreds of objects.

Currently DG Library has:

More power with Mathematica

You can get access to the DG Library directly from Mathematica® using atlas 2 for Mathematica® - modern differential geometry tool.

The palette provides single-click access to atlas code generation, which allows you create ready-to-use notebooks with an object's entities prepared to calculations.
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Moreover, the palette allows you visualize any of the library objects and manipulate their parameters through graphical user interface and extend your keyboard with typesetting of characters and atlas symbols.
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Physics: General Relativity

Over 380 Exact Solutions of Einstein's Field Equations

DG Library is updated with over 380 new objects of Exact Solutions of Einstein's Field Equations.
Do not wait to use new huge part of objects in DG Library.

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