Maple IDE - Professional Maple Development Environment
Development environment for Maple Language
Maple IDE is available on Maplesoft website

What is Maple IDE?

Maple IDE is a flexible development toolkit that allows you to dramatically improve your productivity when developing in Maple by enabling you to maintain code faster and solve application problems quickly.
Maple IDE includes powerful Maple code editor with a lot of useful features such as code folding, syntax coloring, code formatting and real-time error detection. Maple IDE also delivers rich features specific to developing Maple applications like advanced Maple Project, Outline views, powerful code Templates, Running and Debugging tools and much more.
The main purpose of the plug-in is to bring really powerful tool for Maple developers and allow them to concentrate on ideas and save time.
All components of the graphical user interface are fully integrated with the award-winning Eclipse™ Platform (IDE), providing a seamless development experience from the initial installation of Maple IDE to the final run of your fully completed Maple application.

Who uses Maple IDE?

Maple IDE is suitable for all levels of programming experience. Working with Maple IDE will put a beginner on the path to learn the Maple language faster, concentrating on the subject and using convenient Maple-related programming tools. Advanced developers can find a full range of tools for professional Maple programming from the full-featured editor to the final building process.
No matter if you want to create a small Maple application or you want to build large software system in Maple. With Maple IDE you can create your application in a snap.
Maple IDE Selected as Desktop Engineering's Editor's Pick of the Week!
Maple IDE Main Features

Syntax Coloring

Syntax Coloring - Maple Editor Features
The Maple Editor supports syntax coloring based on the lexical structure and the semantic data of Maple code to help you see the different parts of your code such as keywords (module, proc, for, if etc.), strings, comments, numbers and so on. Users are free to customize the highlighting and configure their favorite styles.

Advanced Maple Project

Advanced Maple Project - Maple IDE

Maple Project allows you to group your application in a single container called a project, configure project specific Maple installation. Maple Project Build Path brings powerful functionality for adding existing Maple packages (.mla libraries), folders and other Maple projects to the Maple libname.

Running & Debugging

Running and Debugging - Maple IDE

Maple IDE allows you to run a Maple application in an easy way using highly customizable Launching Wizards. The simplest way to launch a Maple application is to run it using a Maple launch configuration. You also can run Maple files to check syntax using the Maple Mint Syntax Checking.

Source Code Validation

Code analysis, such as error detection, provides error finding in Maple code. It finds common errors and warnings such as unclosed operators or statements.


Maple Archive Explorer

Explore Maple Archive Libraries - Maple IDE

Maple Project allows you to explore any of the archives which you added to a project. Maple Archive Explorer provides an easy and quick way to search particular Maple symbol/element and open it in the Maple editor.

Outline view

Maple Code Outline View - Maple IDE

The Outline view is designed to provide an overview of the structure of Maple code. The Outline view represents Maple code as a tree of structural elements such as modules, arrows, procedures, variables etc. The real benefit is that when working in large files, you can easily navigate through your program. It makes working with long documents much more manageable.


Java-Like Look and Feel

Java-Like Look and Feel - Maple IDE

Maple IDE follows the Java™ concepts of the User Interface and Functionality (Eclipse JDT) such as configuration of a project's build path, project explorer etc. Novice users will appreciate the interface proven over the years by millions of users. Advanced programmers, which already have Java experience, will be surprised to see familiar GUI.


Content Assist

Content Assist - Maple Editor Features

The Content Assist feature enables the selection and insertion of existing code elements to complete partially entered code. This feature presents a pop-up window with possible keywords, statements, and templates for the current file/location. The Content Assist extensively boosts the productivity of developers.



Maple Code Refactoring - Maple Editor and Programming Tools

Maple IDE provides an automated refactoring to rename Maple elements such as modules, procedures etc. Becoming familiar with Maple IDE's refactoring tools is a good way to improve your productivity.


Code templates

Maple Code Templates - Maple IDE

Code templates allow you to quickly generate commonly used code such as for and while loops, if statement and all you repeat in day-to-day work. Code templates save your time and reduce the number of typing errors.


How to get Maple IDE?

Maplesoft is an official distributor of Maple IDE. Go to Maplesoft website to buy the tool!